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FL DUI Ten Day Rule

Refusing to submit to the breath alcohol test means a suspension of one year–or eighteen months if there has been a previous refusal.

However, when people submit to the test and receive a reading of .08 or higher, the driver's license suspension is typically only six months.

Is there anyway to prevent the automatic suspension? Yes, by appealing the DMV's administrative findings with ten days of your arrest.

Challenging the DMV determination is called a "Formal Review." As long as the demand is filed within ten days, you will receive a temporary driving permit that will allow you to drive while the appeal pends.

The Formal Review occurs at a DMV hearing office. Police officers that witnessed the alleged incident are subpoenaed and give sworn testimony about what they witnessed. One benefit of the hearing is it gives defendants a preview of what police will say about them ahead of time–before the case is heard in criminal court. Your attorney cross examines the police witnesses, present other evidence that may contradict their testimony (if available), and present case law that supports a determination that the suspension of the driver's license would be improper.

Keep in mind the Formal Review relates to the automatic suspension of your license immediately after an arrest. Win or lose, the main case will proceed in county court, potentially affecting one's driving privilege and involving other criminal sanctions.