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Were You Arrested While Visiting Florida?

As a tourist in Florida, you probably never expected to be arrested. But sometimes bad things happen to good people — for example, a spring break gone a little too wild.

Each year, people visiting the state of Florida are arrested and charged with crimes such as driving while drunk (DUI), shoplifting, assault and battery, traffic violations, and many other misdemeanor and felony crimes. The experience of being arrested in a strange place can leave a person unsure of what to do or who to contact for help.

At Morgan Law, P.A., we help people just like you navigate the Florida legal system.

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Often, we may be able to handle the entire case without you having to set foot in a Florida courtroom. If you do have to stay in Florida until a judgment or plea agreement is reached, we will do our best to get you (or your loved one) home as quickly as possible.

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